Cataract Assessment

You get a cataract when the clear lens inside your eye becomes cloudy or misty. This is a gradual process that usually happens as we get older. It does not hurt!

The early stages of cataract ,do not necessarily affect your sight.

Once a patient is diagnosed with cataracts that are causing a problem, we then undertake a cataract assessment.

This has two objectives

1 – To determine if the cataract is causing enough of a problem for the patient in every day life that a surgeon would consider an operation.

2 – Once given information about cataract surgery, the patient can then decide if they wish to proceed to an operation.

The process is straight forward, but does involve putting dilating drops into the eye, which will leave the patient a little blurred and light sensitive for a few hours. Therefore the patient cannot drive for 3-4 hours afterwards.

When attending this appointment it is important that the patient brings current spectacles, list of any medication, and sunglasses or a peaked cap (if sunny!) to help after the dilation drops are administered.

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