Standard eye examinations are available free to those in the following categories:
  • Over 60 years of age
  • Under 16
  • Under 19 in full time education
  • On or a partner of someone on Job Seeker Allowance
  • On working families tax credit
  • On income based pension credit
  • Having as NHS tax exemption certificate
  • Suffer from diabetes or glaucoma
  • Over 40 years old with a relative with glaucoma (son/daughter/brother/sister/parent)
  • Prescription classified as complex lenses
  • Registered blind/partially sighted

Charges for Professional and Supplimentary Services from 1st July 2009

Eye Examination 40.00 Retinal Photography (With or without dilation) 12.00
Contact Lens Assessment 35.00 Contact Lens Follow-up 15.00
Initial Contact Lens Fit 46.00 Other symptoms requiring Ophthalmic Investigation 20.00 (Min)
Removal of Foreign Body 10.00 (Min) Measurement of Pupillary Distance 50.00
Copy of sight test/contact lens prescription 20.00 Investigation into Red Eye 10 (min)
Completion of Police/Passport and Driving Licence applications forms 10.00 Small Adjustements/Repairs from 1.00
Fitting of Spectacles from 5.00