Many costly man hours are lost every year from companies by visits to the opticians for eye  examinations for VDU users  and employees who need safety spectacles.

This form of absenteeism can be avoided by using our on site testing and screening services.

We can carry out all the necessary ophthalmic procedures on site, with your employees being away from their  work stations for a minimum time, thus saving your company time and money.

By using our on site programme, which can be tailor-made to your specific requirements, we can reduce lost man hours, and at the same time keep you in control.

All costs would be discussed and agreed in advance, ensuring that your budget is adhered to. Any deviations or extra specifications required will be approved by you before ordering takes place.

Accounting costs are also reduced by creating one invoice per visit rather than a separate invoice for each employee visiting different  opticians at different costs.

On site testing can save you money.


1.  Full eye examinations

The Eyeworks will provide a full eye examination to include:

  • Symptoms and history

  • Ophthalmoscopy

  • Glasses prescription and recommendations

  • Tonometry

  • Fields and other subsiduary tests where necessary

2. VDU screening

This pre-test screening service eliminates any of your employees not having problems working with the VDU workstation.

Screening is a cost effective way of assessing your employees' vision, whether for VDU use, driving or near vision. Each individual is screened (tested) for the relevant  distance required which takes about 5 minutes. Those employees who fail the screening are then referred to the optician for a full eye examination. VDU screening is conducted at a fraction of the cost of a full eye examination. Only employees failing the screening (approximately 10% of all those screened) would need to be referred to the optician for a full eye examination.

Spectacles dispensed on site are from a wide style and price range pre-selected by your company

Delivery of all spectacles required, saving another visit to the opticians

Advice on setting up VDU work stations

Risk Assessment

Full written certificate of results

Driving vision screening for company vehicle users

The Eyeworks' on site testing service is working for you to keep costs down and you in control.

For further information, please  ring 0800 854390

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