(The Eyeworks offers this completely free service to all it's patients)


 Both Eyeworks practices use digital frame selection systems  from Vision Control UK Ltd.

If you have poor eyesight, or find it hard to choose your favorite frame, then the system is a real helping hand.
Frame store helps in spectacle frame selection by allowing a patient to view themselves in four pairs of spectacles  at once.

By freezing your picture on-screen in a selection of frames, you can clearly view the choices while wearing your own spectacles.  See either one at a time or four side by side for a comparison of frames. Not only does the equipment help you choose the best frame, but also shows you the effects of Anti Reflection coatings  and thinner, lighter lenses.

These images can be changed quickly, to narrow down which frame  suits your face shape best.

Then, once the correct shape is selected, a colour analysis  will provide the final result.

If you are short sighted myopic, or long sighted hyperopic,  you can put your own spectacles on to see the results at any stage of the selection process.

The frame store make choosing your frame easier, because it  eliminates trying to remember what you looked like in the  last few frames you tried on: or holding a mirror 2 inches  in front of you to see the frame.

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